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About Us

CEDRUS Critical Care LLC. named after one of the most ancient tree in Anatolia, Cedrus Libani which represents long life and endurance. This tree has common history along with Anatolia's. There were even wars for the value, vigour and reviving smell of cedrus. We choose that name for long life and healthiness instead of fighting and wrecking.

Health, nothing but the health From Anatolia to the World...

Cedrus Health Services

The CEDRUS Critical Care LLC. has a remarkable network of professional doctors, adept nurses, cutting edge technological hospitals and equipment, secure accommodation locations in Turkey along with outstanding result-orienting team. We promised to act according to our first principal and motto "Health nothing but the health”. Cedrus capitalized by 100% domestic sources and established to serve humanity with outstanding health quality. In addition, we are not planning to be one of the player, will be the gamechanger. Our professional team, business partners will do their best to achieve our goals as the co-founders Dr.Agir and Mr.Siyahoglu.


To make accesable all health services, education and technologies without causing harm to nature in the world where humanity could not access enough. To go beyond the existing conditions in the world and offer technology-based health services to humanity. Our motto and first principal is "health, nothing but the health".


Our vision is to provide quality and effective health services that can be offered to humanity on a continuity basis. to create new principles and develop these principles in the field of health education, applications and technology.

Business Line

Sağlık Danışmanlığı

Health Consultancy

Cedrushealth Team offer effective solutions for all activities related to the medical sector. Additionally, we offer that service not only in Turkey but also all around the world.
Sağlık Teknolojileri

Health Technologies

We are living in the era of technology. We are bringing into being new projects for the medical world with our talented engineers and affiliates.